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KOPA Cypriot Football League

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London, UK
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October 20, 2016, 2:00 pm - December 25, 2020, 1:00 pm


KOPA Cypriot Football League

40 YEARS 1975-2015

We celebrated our 40th year anniversary this year and to commemorate this historical event we have produced a book to detail the league’s 40 year history. The Cypriot Football League – KOPA, was formed in 1975. KOPA hosts two divisions.

Most Cypriots in London and the wider football community have some connection with KOPA. The KOPA League has over the years provided football to several thousand young men and will continue doing so, guiding them through youth to adulthood.

The League has also, in conjunction with KOA the Cypriot Sports Organisation in Cyprus, formed Representative Teams for Under 18’s and Under 16’s to represent the Cypriot Community in the UK in games versus the Cyprus National team of the same ages in Cyprus last year.

The League is highly respected in football circles due to its good level of football and organisation. Cypriots and their friends from the wider community from the age of 16 upwards compete in our League. Some of the founder teams carry the names of villages and clubs in Cyprus , New Salamis, Omonia, Maronites, Komi Kebir and Olympia are prime examples and more have joined since. Teams competing in the KOPA league field a minimum of 8 players with a Cypriot origin in matches.

The League has a representative team that play prestigious games against higher level clubs and communities. The representative team in the past has won the LFA Inter League Cup several times and had the honour to play the Cyprus national team in the UK and in Cyprus.

We also had our league team New Salamis win the prestigious FA Sunday Cup the all England cup and become the first KOPA league and London Football Association team to achieve this.

The KOPA League is also proud to have had players go on to greater things, the prime example is Sir Les Ferdinand of Achna FC who went onto play for QPR , Newcastle, Spurs and England.

Gregory Savva of Omonia (London) and Cosmos Fc went onto play for Omonia (Cyprus) , Olympiakos, in Greece and the Cyprus National team.

We now give you an opportunity to buy this unique historical book online.


The official 40th anniversary edition costs £15.00 (UK sterling)

For UK delivery - KOPA Book (£15.00 + P&P) - £26.00

For CYPRUS delivery - KOPA Book (£15.00 + P&P) - £29.00

*P&P consists of Processing, Packaging & Postal Fee.

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